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Few beautiful typography styles for web design

An impressive looking and eye candy style is the life line of page payout, and application of typography has certainly turned it more beautiful. Thanks to this fabulous artistic application, the visitor is impressed even before going through a single word of the content layout you have displayed. As an intrinsic part of modern day website design, it tells the visitor about your story, although in a silent manner. Intelligent usage of its elements can do wonders, as experienced by numerous designers while handling their web page design assignments.

Food themed typography: A brainchild of Danielle Evans, this design is the perfect example of food centric themes to be used beautifully in a website design. She came up with more than dozen innovative themes by strategic unification of food materials with aesthetic substances, while decorating the promotional campaign on behalf of Target Food For Thought. Her client company wished to announce its arrival in Canadian territory, and she responded with designs framed by the spices and other ingredients available from Target store. Later, she made another impressive move by using brown sugar, chili powder, tea leaves, powdered curry leaves to result a chocolate like substance, and used it brilliantly to theme Type A Holic’s campaign for its chocolate and other confectionaries.

Carlos DE Toro invention: The Spanish web design wizard literally rocked the industry with his out of the box thinking. Unlike Danielle, he banked on something bigger as source of his inspiration, and tall multistoried buildings in Barcelona offered him just that. Born Typeface is the name of his invention, and De Toro defines this approach as a humanistic one that still relies on traditionally used fundamental designer features used in Regular Born. It’s an intelligent Typeface design that utilizes glyphs to decorate its numeric figures, uppercase sections, lowercase portions etc.

These two designers have literally took the trade of design by storm, thanks to their tendency to shift from stereotyped approaches and look into real life inspiration to create their respective Typography arts. Needless to say, that’s an impressive move, something a website design company needs to follow as well.